Pakistan, the long hope

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Pakistan, the long hope
Description: Pakistan, Kashmir dec2005/febr2006
In Muzafarrabad, a shopkeeper reopened his store near the old university

More than 70.000 people have lost their lives during the earthquake in the Pakistan Kashmir regions on October 8.
Cities like Balakot , near the epical center report close to 100% destroyed homes that are beyond rebuilding.
In the mountain regions of Kashmir, people are difficult to reach and some area's can only be accessed after spring arrives.
This creates a huge flood of people that flee the mountains during wintertime, facing the dangerous landslides,
to arrive in the hands of the Aid agencies who have a huge task, while some have lack of funding.
The fear of total isolation, outbreak of diseases, and traumatized victims is a long task for the future.
In the tents, life tries to find it's rules again, the refugees try to forget all they have lost and hope for a better future.

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